Mould remediation before and after


This tenanted property is in a Greater Western Sydney suburb.

The 3-bedroom home had been built in the mid-20th century, suggesting it was not equipped with the ideal means to avoid mould growth without assistance.

History/ Observations:

Mould Cleaning Australia was approached by a Real Estate, now a valued, regular customer, as they had an owner with a property that was in between tenants.

They had requested that the work be carried out urgently, as they wished to occupy the home as soon as possible.


Upon the initial inspection, it was noted that the wet roomsbathroom and laundry, were not being adequately ventilated, with the passive wall vents throughout covered up and no exhaust fans installed.

Adequate ventilation is key in reducing humidity and moisture within these wet rooms.

Mould remediation before and after

When hot water plumbing, such as baths and showers, and appliances, such as dryers, are used, they produce excess moisture and humidity.

Without proper ventilation, the excess moisture and humidity provides an ideal environment for mould growth.

On the Job (Equipment, Process and Job Time):

Mould Cleaning Australia carried out remediation during the evening, at the request of the property owner. This allowed inflexible trades to attend the property during the day.

After the installation of air filtration units, which assist in the capture and removal of air-borne mould spores, Mould Cleaning Australia micro-cleaned the affected, hard surfaces with a biological decontamination, GM2000.

GM6000 was used to remove the heavy visible staining returning the surfaces back to their original painted colour, ensuring we gave the customer the best result.

Once all affected areas had been efficiently treated, the attending technicians removed all of their equipment, and proceeded with the fogging treatment, ensuring the home had an acceptable mould air spore count, balancing with the outdoor environment.

Customer Feedback:

The property owner was greatly satisfied with the results and was appreciative of the fact they were able to proceed with the painting of the property just after a few days of remediation.

They also thanked MCA for providing easily-understood causes of mould growth, allowing them to make necessary changes to ensure the home was being ventilated properly by their tenants.

12 Months On:

The home was installed with adequate exhaust fans within their wet rooms, and the new tenants were able to ventilate the property.

Additionally, as Mould Cleaning (the mould removal experts) Australia was able to identify the covered vents as a cause of the excess humidity and moisture, the property owner had then uncovered, promoting ventilation throughout.

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