Different by Design: Our Unique Approach to Mould Removal

Why We Are Different

At Mould Cleaning Australia, we take a comprehensive approach to mould removal. We don't just focus on getting rid of the visible mould - we also work to identify the root cause of the problem and take steps to prevent future mould growth.

A mould remediation technician scanning a room with an IR camera searching for water sources

The MCA Difference

Mould Cleaning Australia provides high quality service to remove all visible mould within the home with the aim to provide a permanent solution. Our experience, process and speciality allows us to deliver and exceptional result for a very competitive price.

Our aim is to complete jobs in one day to limit disruptions to the property occupant. Our highly trained Technicians 95% of the time can have treatments completed in one day allowing you to return to the property that evening and live your life as normal.

Mould Cleaning Australia stay up to date with the latest training, products and emergency technology to provide our customers with the best possible outcomes.

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Overview of Why MCA Is Different to Other People in the Market

Free Onsite Inspection & Quote

There are many reasons why we are different, the unique service that Mould Cleaning Australia Pty Ltd provides starts with our free inspection report, this report identifies what is causing the mould growth by determining where the water source is coming from.

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Tailored Free Mould Inspection Report Provided in 24 Hours

Our highly detailed inspection report provides photographs, moisture readings, atmospheric data infrared analysis and particulate readings in every affected room. The inspection report outlines the main cause of the moisture issue, recommendations to address the issue and a fully quoted scope of work for mould removal.

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12 Month Guarantee

Our mould removal services are backed by a 12 month guarantee that the mould will not return to the property, as long as all necessary repairs are made and the recommendations are followed as outlined in the inspection report or we will come back and retreat the area free of charge.

10 Years Experience

We are one of the only companies that has solely specialised in mould removal for 10 years. While there is a lot of companies that claim that they specialise in mould removal for many years most of them have started carpet cleaning, window cleaning or even pest control and have recently join the industries.

No Fear Tactics, Just Fact-Based Honest Solutions

Our business has been built on providing solutions and not exacerbating peoples fear. We provide factual based finding for real life scenarios. Too often we hear of scenarios when the occupant feels that they are pressured to take up mould removal services from other providers.

Our Secret to Success: Combining Expertise with the Best Equipment Available

We believe that our clients deserve the best possible experience and results, and this requires the use of high-quality equipment.

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