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Restoring Items Affected by Mould

When it comes to restoring items that have been damaged by mould, we specialise in salvaging a wide variety of materials.

Simply call Mould Cleaning Australia and we'll provide a free inspection to get you started.

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Items We Typically Restore from Mould Damage

Don't rush to throw away your valuable possessions just yet! You'll be surprised at what we can do. In fact, we can treat 99% of mould affected belongings. If you suspect mould in your belongings, make sure to tell the technician during the initial inspection. Fortunately, most mould-damaged items can be restored to their original condition.

shoes covered in mould
Clothing and Footwear Items
Treating mould affected clothing can save you money and bring some of your contents back to life.
mould growing on grey suede lounge
Upholstery and Furniture
Bring back the freshness and cleanliness of your furniture, eliminating the musty odour caused by mould growth.
Mould growth on the bottom of white verticle blinds in a bedroom
Curtains and Blinds
Keep your window furnishings looking their best and extending their lifespan.
Mould growing on a thick black antique book
Valuable Possession
Preserve your treasured possessions with our mould removal service, preventing staining, discolouration and even deterioration.
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Specialist Mould Removal for:

We can clean and refresh a variety of contents including:
  • Furniture
  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
  • Lamps and lighting
  • White goods and electronics
  • Glass and cookware
  • Much more...

Avoid costly repairs and protect your property value.

Identify the source of the mould
Discover mould which may hidden
Receive real-world solutions for prevention
Data is provided to confirm findings
Detailed reports tailored to your property
No hidden fees or up-selling
mould cleaning australia

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mould cleaning australia
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Check Out the Amazing Testimonials Left by Our Happy Clients


The discovery of mould on my precious belongings left me feeling devastated, but Mould Cleaning Australia came to the rescue. The team's friendly approach helped remove the mould and restore the items to their original condition. Highly recommend their services.

Stacey T- Preston, VIC
01 / 02
Black womens ankle boots with gold chain covered in mould growth

Dealing with mould on treasured belongings was a shocker. The team was patient and respectful, guiding me through the process while answering my questions. The experts successfully removed the mould and restored my items to their former glory, leaving me very grateful for their help and expertise.

Carol B - Newtown, NSW
02 / 02
before and after mould removal

Protect Your Investment

By engaging our mould removal services promptly, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and anguish to your valuable assets.

mould cleaning australia