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Our Free Mould Inspection Process:
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mould cleaning australia
Technician performing a mould inspection by shining light on potential mould growth

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What's in Our Free Mould Inspection Reports?

Information you will receive in your free inspection report includes:

Air filtration devices setup and running
Furniture and possessions cleaned
Windows, fixtures and fittings cleaned
Large areas including walls and ceilings cleaned
Affected areas HEPA Vacuumed
After photos taken and final checks
Fogging treatment completed and property locked

Mould Inspection Tools: The Power of Technology

To enable precise and comprehensive findings, we use advanced equipment for our mould inspections, providing accurate and tailored recommendations for your property.

Particle counter machine showing the particle count for the room
Atmospheric Conditions
Readings are recorded, providing an understanding of where higher temperatures and humidity are occurring in your property and the risk of condensation occurring.
Moisture meter tool pressed against a wall determining moisture content in the plasterboard.
Moisture Content
Moisture levels in walls and ceilings can indicate why mould is growing in certain areas, and that with the use of specialised tools and knowledge, the causes of the moisture can be identified.
Infrared imaging tool pointed at bedroom showing no leak evident
Infrared Analysis
Using our infrared cameras in combination with moisture readings we can identify and show you a visual image of additional moisture contributing to mould growth.
Mould technician shining a torch at the ceiling looking for any mould growth
 Visual Inspection
Our trained technicians will conduct a thorough examination of the interior and exterior of a property, looking for any signs of mould growth or water damage.
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Identify the source of the mould
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mould cleaning australia

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mould cleaning australia
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Happy Customers, Happy Homes


Brilliant service, prompt, punctual and highly professional. Free onsite inspection and report given. A few days later the mould in our house was removed leaving the place sparkling.

Graham L - Cleveland, QLD
01 / 03
before and after mould removal

They were courteous, competent, diligent, caring of my home and altogether a pleasure to have doing what really is an abrasive job. So thank you for the good and caring people that you employ who go the extra mile for a client.

Sheleagh F - Fitzroy, VIC
02 / 03
before and after mould removal

Just to advise we were extremely happy with the job done by your organisation.

David B - Seaforth, NSW
03 / 03
before and after mould removal

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mould cleaning australia