Case Study 1
Mould Removal on the Central Coast


This commercial property is located on the Central Coast, north of Sydney.

General cleaners that were contracted to carry out works requested the cool room be treated by a mould remediation specialist, as there was visible mould growth on the ceiling, floor and walls of the cool room.

It was imperative that this growth was treated, to avoid further contamination on contents, such as international beers, wines and spirits, that could have been moved to other areas of the premises, or to other locations.

History/ Observations:

With the cool room being a constant source for excess moisture, the mould growth had spread quite evenly across the affected surfaces, and without action by Mould Cleaning Australia, would have continued to build up.

The excess moisture was caused by humid air which had cooled, causing water vapour to condense into water.

The steady, low temperature of the cool room and lack of air flow provides an ideal environment for mould growth to occur.

Case Study 2


Due to the nature of the affected area, a cool room, excess moisture was present in the air, and therefore able to settle on the surfaces of the cool room and contents such as boxes and crates.

The area was inspected for any other contributing factors; however, they were ruled out through our inspection process.

Mould Cleaning Australia did recommend that the business contact a third-party ventilation system, to limit the condensation build-up

On the Job (Equipment, Process and Job Time):

Mould Cleaning Australia completed the treatment of the cool room, including wiping the affected areas.

The walls and ceiling were treated with GM2000, a biological decontamination product, and the floorings were treated with GM6000, before being steamed cleaned to assist in removing spills and stains, in addition to the mould growth.

Whilst on the job, air purification systems were running, and a fogging treatment was completed afterward, ensuring no airborne spores would be left viable.

As the affected area was able to be vacant during the treatment, there was no disruption to the business, staff or customers.

Case Study 3

Customer Feedback:

A manager thanked Mould Cleaning Australia for carrying out the work so quickly and efficiently, emphasizing on our ability to complete all the works without the need to close the business or organise after-hours attendance.

12 Months On:

While the low temperature cannot be changed within the cool room, the business took Mould Cleaning Australia’s advise in contacting a ventilation specialist, to create air flow within the area, limiting the condensation build up, which was previously contributing to the mould growth.

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