How to Choose a Professional Mould Removal Company?

How to Choose a Professional Mould Removal Company?

When looking for a reputable mould removal company there are important factors

Do they identify the cause of mould growth?

A professional mould removal company will offer an inspection to investigate the cause of the mould growth. This should be done through a thorough investigation of the areas affected. Some companies charge hundreds of dollars to perform this service although there are a few who will do this free of charge.

By identifying the cause of the mould growth, you are getting fixed quote and a permanent solution to your problem.

Beware of companies who will quote over the phone or by sending in pictures as the price often changes when the technician is in your house and the mould is likely to return over and over again costing you every time.

Are they offering you a solution?

A professional mould removal company will be solutions based and trying to resolve the issue for everyone involved.

Beware of companies who look to assign blame for the mould growth and use scare tactics by using terms like “Black Toxic Mould” and “Toxic Mould Infestation”.

Are they trying to present as a doctor?

Representatives from a mould removal company are not qualified to give medical advice and any health concerns that may be related to mould should be discussed with your general practitioner.

Beware of companies who give medical advice and try to create concerns of medical nature.

Are they affordable?

Mould removal services can range significantly in price. It is important that the company you choose offer a fixed quote and can explain there scope of works to you.

Beware of companies who cannot explain how they will removal the mould, remove the staining and treat the indoor air.

Do they stand by their work?

One of the most important things to consider is if there is a warranty on the works completed for at least 12 months if you follow there prevention or recommendations.

Beware if a company will not stand by their work they probably not a quality operator.

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