Case Study - Mouldy Bathroom - Central Coast
thick black ceiling mouldCelling Clean Post Mould Remediation
Mould Removal on the Central Coast


Located in the heart of the Central Coast, this Gosford apartment had several issues causing mould to occur.


This home was occupied by a tenant, who took multiple hot baths a day, and often left the bathroom door open whilst having them.


The bathroom did not have an exhaust fan installed, allowing excess moisture and humidity to linger after use of hot water plumbing. Without adequate ventilation, this excess moisture and humidity was also able to travel throughout the property, causing mould to form on nearly every surface.

The property also had issues with rising damp from water pooling in the sub floor, and our inspecting technician found signs of a potential roof leak.

mouldy toilet wallssmall bathroom

On the job (equipment, process and job time):

Less than a week after we attended for our initial inspection, Mould Cleaning Australia returned to carry out a very laborious remediation process. Ceilings, cornicing, walls, and contents in every room of the unit, were treated.

The bathroom ceiling was the heaviest of the rooms, and after removing the mould, the ceiling returned back to its original white colour.

During the remediation, air purification units were run to filter out air borne spores, and a fogging treatment was completed at the end, to ensure any remaining spores could not create further issues.

It took a total of 7 hours to complete the job, with the technicians agreeing to begin early in the morning so the tenant was able to return home that afternoon.

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