Water Leak Damage


The owners of the home located on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland approached their insurance company to make a claim regarding a possible water leak, with signs that their laundry and water closet were affected.

As Queensland is known for its sunshine, tropical climate, moderate temperatures and above average humidity, this beautiful area of Australia can also provide ideal conditions for mould growth.

History/ Observations:

Mould Cleaning Australia attended the property to carry out an mould inspection of the property, as requested by the policy holder’s insurance company.

Upon inspection, the attending technician recorded information, such as the moisture content, temperature, humidity, dew point and particle count in the two affected rooms, toilet and laundry, as well as taking the readings for a comparison room, the hallway, and outdoor.

By doing this, Mould Cleaning Australia can determine the premises’ air quality standard, and during remediation, will lower air borne particle counts in the toilet and laundry to be in line with the hallway and outdoor.


The mould growth that was present at the property was caused by a previous water leak, in which the toilet cistern leaked, affecting the toilet and laundry.

A plumber had recently attended, removing small sections of plaster, locating the source of the leak and making repairs.

The growth was concentrated to the wall cavity between the toilet and laundry, as the cistern was able to leak for some time, undetected, allowing a thick, clustered mould growth.

On the Job (Equipment, Process and Job Time):

Mould Cleaning Australia had recommended the removal of non-restorable plaster and the laundry sink, and requested approval to create access holes, allowing for the technician to inspect cavities for additional mould growth, using a state of the art borescope camera.

Once approval was provided by the policy holder’s insurance company, we were able to safely and effectively carry out these works, in addition to treating other hard surfaces that were mould-affected with GM2000, and removing visible staining with GM6000 within one working day.

Mould Removal from Water Leaks

The attending technician carried out a post-remediation indoor air quality test, in which a sample of the air determines the number of air borne particles in that intake.

Mould Cleaning Australia was able to provide all involved parties with a report outlining that the airborne count was now consistent with the outdoor environment.

Whilst on the job, air purification systems were running, and then a fogging treatment was carried out through the property to ensure no airborne spores could create issues within the premises.

Customer Feedback:

Upon telling an occupant that they could return to their home on the same evening in which Mould Cleaning Australia had finalised treatment, they were pleasantly surprised, even assuming they would need to organise temporary accommodation.

Once the works were finalised, Mould Cleaning Australia received further positive feedback, citing “consideration” for making the claim process easy, and leaving the home in a liveable condition after the works.

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