Free Expert Mould Inspections

Our Free Inspections identify visible mould growth and possible moisture sources contributing to the growth

Our free inspection reports allow our professional technicians to identify the water source that is allowing mould growth to occur.

Our inspections use state of the art equipment and technology to identify if the property needs repairs or will recommend several simple solutions.

damp on ceilingthermal imaging

What's Included in Our Free Inspection Reports?

Information you will receive in your free inspection report includes:
  • The main cause along with secondary causes allowing mould to grow
  • Recommendations to remove the moisture also prevention to stop mould growth for good
  • Room by room analysis identifying areas contaminated by mould
  • Real data to back up our findings
  • Photos of the affected areas along with infrared photos showing moisture
  • FAQ’s for you to better understand how this fungus grows
  • Mould Scope of works to have the mould removed from your home

Best of all.... our mould reports are FREE

Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point Temperature Readings and Testing

All readings are recorded to give you an understanding of where higher temperatures and humidity are occurring in your property and the risk of condensation occurring. Using this information, it is easier to identify why mould is growing in some areas compared to others.

Moisture Levels

mould removal machine

Moisture levels in walls and ceilings is another strong indicator as to why mould is growing in certain areas. Using our tools and knowledge we will be able to identify causes such as rising damp, leaking showers, plumbing leaks and many more potential causes of the mould.

Indoor Air Quality and Particle Counts Testing

mould detection tool

Indoor air quality is a common concern of home owners and occupants and our inspection report will give you an indication of the air quality in your home in comparison to outside.

Infrared Imaging

thermal imaging device

Using our infrared cameras in combination with moisture readings we can identify and show you a visual image of additional moisture contributing to mould growth.

An example is below of a roof leak where mould has been occurring. The image identifies the temperature difference and we then confirm the moisture levels to give you a visual and statistical representation of the moisture.

Independant Advice for Mould Removal and Remediation

Our independent inspection reports are free and we do not try and sell you any solutions such as sub-floor ventilation, so you can be sure to receive an unbiased opinion and service.

If repairs or maintenance is identified in the report then you can outsource these to a third party.

Once you receive your inspection report you will be provided with all the readings taken at the property, photographs of the area affected and a quote to remove the mould.

We endeavour to send out our mould inspection reports via e-mail within 24 hours of the inspection being carried out at the property.

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