Our two stage approach to removing mould starts with the physical removal of visible mould within the property which often restores walls and ceilings to the point where repainting is not necessary afterwards.


GM6000 is a purpose formulated product for the removal of the visible mould from hard surfaces only.

This often involves hand treating areas of walls, ceilings and timbers which has visible mould growth on them. While the process can take some time on detailed cornicing and other areas which can be difficult to treat the results are truly amazing.

Mould growth doesn’t just effect building materials. Contents that have been affected by mould growth will be inspected during the inspection phase and can also be treated to completely remove the mould.

The Mould Removal Process

The second stage of the removal process is to improve the air quality in the property. This is done by running air filtrations systems whilst the technicians are on site. Which filter the air indoor air quality. At the completion of each job we also conduct a fogging treatment. This process is the fogging of the roof space, subfloor and inside the property to control the level of air borne mould spores.

Our Mould Removal Guarantee

12 Month Guarantee – Mould Will Not Return

Once the water source has been removed by making repairs or following recommendations outlined in the inspection report then the visible mould removed and the mould spores controlled, we can offer a 12 months guarantee that the mould will not return or we will retreat the property free of charge.

Price Guarantee

We beat any competitors quote by 10%


We provide a 12 month warranty on all our work

Free Quote

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One Day Treatment

Almost all of our jobs can be completed within one day

Mould Removal

We can successfully remove your mould from a variety or pours and non-pours surfaces
  • Plasterboard ceilings and wall
  • Timber panels
  • Textured ceilings
  • Particle board
  • Pine
  • Hardwood
  • Glass
  • Aluminum frames