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Mould Removal in Melbourne


Situated in North Melbourne, VIC in a newly established estate the single level home was built only recently.

History/ Observations:

Mould Cleaning Australia were engaged by the policy holders insurance company and requested to attend site for an inspection as another tradesman that had been replacing  the kitchen cabinets and come across extensive amounts of mould.


Upon our inspection, the technician conducted moisture readings and inspected the wall cavity via a non-invasive method using a highly advanced borescope which uncovered that there was mould contamination throughout the wall cavity in the kitchen

The water staining indicated that there had been a previous water leak caused by a dishwasher. The trapped moisture from the leak created the perfect environment for mould growth to occur.

On the Job (Equipment, Process and Job Time):

On the day of remediation Mould Cleaning Australia conducted indoor air quality analysis before and after the job this is to show a comparison and to ensure the particle count is at standard and the air quality in the home was satisfactory.

The technician then installed air purification units which are left running for the entire duration of the treatment to remove and capture airborne mould spores.

It was required for the technician to remove the effected areas of plaster and skirting as the water damage had compromised the plaster wall linings.

Once the technicians had removed the effected plaster and skirting they than treated all remaining surface including framework, flooring and plaster wall linings with GM6000, removing staining and ensuring the areas were mould-free.

mould removal in melbourne, case study

The property had a split system air conditioner which had also been affected with mould and was treated to ensure the air circulated in the home was fresh and clean.

This includes cleaning of the filters, fins, barrel fan and unit surrounds.

Once all areas had been treated they safely removed the air purification units and fogged the home using GM2000 accordingly to remove any remaining mould spores.

This entire process was able to be completed in 5 hours allowing the policy holder and family to re-enter their household on the same day.

Following remediation the exposed wall cavities were lined with new plaster and a fresh coat of paint was applied, returning the home back to its original condition.

Customer Feedback:

The customer was so impressed with how quickly Mould Cleaning Australia took action and “got in and got the job done”.

They were so grateful that we were able to remediate the mould before it began to get any worse and for the way we liaised with both the plasterer and cabinet maker to allow them to have there kitchen….


They said that they felt reassured throughout the whole process from start to finish.

12 Months On:

A year down the track and the policy holder is still ecstatic with the finished result and our mould removal guarantee.

They have had no re-occurrence of mould growth since our attendance and are forever grateful for the way Mould Cleaning Australia helped them throughout a “difficult and stressful time”.

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