Case Study - Mouldy Car - Melbourne
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Mould Removal in a car


The vehicle was parked in an inner-northern suburb of Melbourne.


The owner of the vehicle contacted Mould Cleaning Australia, advising their car had extensive mould growth. After consulting with a senior technician and viewing photos of the car’s interior, Mould Cleaning Australia was able to offer the customer a custom scope of work and a quote for remediation. Due to the customer wishing to proceed quickly, Mould Cleaning Australia was able to bypass an inspection and organise the remediation appointment, based on the experience and knowledge of the assisting senior technician.

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On the job (equipment, process and job time):

Mould Cleaning Australia’s attending technician began the appointment by identifying any potential hazards and risks associated with the work and arranging the lock up procedure with the car’s owner.

To begin, the attending technician used GM2000, a biological decontamination product, to micro-clean surfaces such as the dashboard and seatbelts. This stage also included treating air-conditioning vents in the car with GM2000.

The next stage in the process was to capture and remove mould spores with a HEPA vacuum, and then carry out a complete steam clean on the appropriate surfaces, such as the removable floor mats, seats and their covers, and flooring.

Once complete, the technician ensured all the windows were closed and proceeded with the fogging treatment, to treat any airborne spores. Before leaving, the vehicle was locked as per the owner’s instruction and the keys returned to the overjoyed customer.

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