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The property is located west of Brisbane is situated within a quiet suburban cul-de-sac behind a combination of tall palm and gum trees, experiencing minimal sun throughout the day.

History/ Observations:

The insurance company engaged Mould Cleaning Australia to determine the damage to the property as a result of an insurable event.

There were major concerns of a mould infestation occurring within the ceiling cavity, and possibly wall cavity in the library area.

Upon inspection, there were high moisture readings on the external wall and on the ceiling where the majority of the water damage had occurred.

Mould Cleaning Australia were able to confirm the mould was a result of the recent storm with moisture traveling through the roof on to the ceiling.


The substantial amount of mould growth was evident on the ceiling of the library area within the property.

Due to storm event there was significant water damage recorded to the ceiling, providing excess moisture and therefore an ideal environment for mould to form.

On the Job (Equipment, Process and Job Time):

In order for Mould Cleaning Australia to effectively remediate the Library area, approval was requested from the insurance company to remove the affected ceiling plaster, of approximately 6m2 as this was heavily water damaged and could not be salvaged.

Due to the considerable amount of moisture present within the ceiling cavity, we needed to ensure the ceiling cavity was inspected and treated to prevent any further risks of mould growth.

The remaining framework within the ceiling cavity was treated with GM6000 to remove any microbial growth, leaving a clean surface.

mould remediation coved by insurance 2

Upon removing the affected ceiling plaster and inspecting the ceiling cavity, all of the visible mould within the cavity was treated and the area was then HEPA vacuumed to assist in reducing the microscopic sized particles which can float in the air and sit on flat surfaces. In addition,

Mould Cleaning Australia run industrial air purification units during the treatment, which will improve the air quality throughout the premises.

The entire treatment process took a total of 5 and a half hours, in which the occupants were able to re-enter the premises the same afternoon.

For more information on homeowners insurance to see if it covers your water damage and mould, call Mould Cleaning Australia. 

Customer Feedback:

Upon re-entering their home, the home owners were amazed at Mould Cleaning Australia’s ability to removing the non-salvageable plaster in a diligent and effective manner, to facilitate the repair as the mould remediation was covered by insurance company.

They were also surprised when told they would be able to return to their home on the same day.

The owner also pointed out their satisfaction in the clean-up following the plaster removal, highlighting Mould Cleaning Australia’s ability in prompt response times and diligence in all efforts.

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