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Mould Removal on the Central Coast


Located in the coastal city of Lake Macquarie is this 1960’s built home was suffering from a severe mould issue which required mould removal on ceiling.

History/ Observations:

The owners of the dwelling approached Mould Cleaning Australia in order to gain professional advice regarding significant condensation issues throughout the property causing an ideal environment for mould growth to occur.

With visible signs of excess moisture evident within the property, and a constant build-up of moisture on the ceilings of several rooms, it was clear there was an underlying issue causing an infestation of mould growth throughout.

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Upon inspection, it was noted that the mould growth present in several rooms throughout the property was caused by a noticeable lack of ventilation causing dew point to occur.

Many household activities such as showering, cooking and heating can increase moisture within a household. When this excess moisture is not ventilated properly, it can create an ideal environment for mould growth to form.

The mould growth was evenly spread along various surfaces in the property including most of the ceilings and lightly covering some of the bigger furniture items.

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On the Job (Equipment, Process and Job Time):
Mould Cleaning Australia remediated all surfaces with visible mould present, ensuring to remove all visible signs of mould growth.

Using a specialised product, we ensure to treat the mould growth down to the root, which will prevent further reoccurrences of mould growth to occur.

Air purification units are installed during the entire process which will assist in reducing the particle count within the air.

Once all of the visible mould has been removed from the ceilings, contents and other areas identified as being effected, Mould Cleaning Australia will then complete the fogging treatment throughout the entire premises.

This process will ensure all of the mould spores are treated and guarantees we can provide our 12month warranty.

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Customer Feedback:

The home owner reported being extremely impressed with Mould Cleaning Australia’s prompt and diligent efforts. Upon re-entering the home, the client could not believe the results following the mould remediation.

12 Months On:

The owner of the home reported having no concerns regarding mould growth at their property and advised a dehumidifier was installed following the mould remediation to address the substantial moisture concerns within the premises.

This has assisted in reducing the condensation build up on the ceiling and walls near the windows.

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