Mould Removal Bathroom - Newfarm, QLD

Mould Removal Bathroom - Newfarm, QLD
Bathroom Mould Removal

Mould Removal in SEQLD


This free-standing federation home is located in Newfarm, QLD with the home due to be listed for sale in 2 weeks’ time. The real estate agent had requested the mould in bathroom be treated to ensure the home was mould free and was not going to concern the potential buyers and impact on the sale price of the home.

History/ Observations:

With a family of five living in the home the single bathroom was used excessively on a day to day basis.

Mould had been an issue for some time and had grown increasingly heavier before Mould Cleaning Australia attended.

Mould on Ceiling in Bathroom


The property was inspected for water intrusion events to rule out any leaks from the roofing, water proofing of wet areas and leaking plumbing.

There were no visual indicators of water staining or vanities having water damage. Through more extensive inspection methods using a moisture meter and IR cameras potential water intrusions were ruled out.

The mould had formed up high across the ceilings, along cornicing and around the walls indicating a humidity issue. There was also water run marks on the walls from the condensation forming.

Upon further inspection it was noted that the exhaust fan had not been working for approximately 6 months meaning the humid air after using the shower, bath and sink was unable to escape.

Mould on Cornice in bathroom

On the Job (Equipment, Process and Job Time):

Mould Cleaning Australia completed the treatment of the bathroom and hallway. The bathroom had all ceiling, cornice, walls and windows treated. The hallway only required the ceiling, cornice and walls.

The ceiling showed the most improvement as it was the heaviest affected area, removing all mould growth and returning the colour back to the original white.

The flooring, vanities and other non-affected surfaces were sanitised ensuring all areas had been re-mediated.

Whilst on the job air purification was running to filter out air borne spores and a fogging treatment was completed through the entire property to ensure any remaining airborne spores could not create issues later down the track.

In total the work was completed within 3 hours and the home owner was back in their house the same afternoon.

Mould Removal Bathroom in Brisbane

Customer Feedback:

The owner could not believe the end result and the fact that painting was not required following the treatment.

They said “I can’t believe the difference and the fact the it is done, we can now focus on getting our house ready to sell”

12 Months On:

The exhaust fan was replaced following the treatment and the owner selling the home reported that no further mould returned and the condensation running down the walls had stopped.

The owners real estate agent was impressed with the end result and turn around time considering they were working on a short time frame and the property ended up selling for a fantastic price.

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