Remove mould from your contents, no need to replace.


on the left boots with mould and on the right the same boots after the mould removal


on the left a jacket with mould and on the right the same jacket after the mould removal


hyatt regency cap with mould

A lack of air flow in a large property caused mould contamination to this cap

hyatt regency cap

Outstanding results, allowing this cap to be worn again

mould on black leather chair

Mould contaminated contents can be remediated, too.

black leather chair

We can leave your contents looking brand new!

mould growing on shoes

We commonly see contents, which have been stored, becoming mould-affected

shoes on shoe rack

Our appreciate customer was glad they could wear these again!

mould wooden bedside cabinet
rear of wooden cabinet
green mould on cupboard
wooden cupboard
mould on carpet and sofa
blue floor rear of sofa
mouldy clothes
mould restoration leather coat
mould on a purple purse
burgundy bag
white mould on leather boot


leather boot on bed