Yours And Our Safety Is Paramount

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Mould Cleaning Australia have implemented additional measures to ensure the safety of you and our staff. We have taken onboard all government advice as well as assessing the local and global situations. With this in mind, you can expect the below safety protocols to be in place when we visit you and your family.

What Can You Expect At The Inspection?

Our Team’s Health Is Important

We routinely check on all our staff to ensure they are fit and well for work. Should any staff show flu like symptoms they will self isloate as required by the Australian government.

Additional Hygiene

Before ringing the doorbell our Technicians have washed their hands with soap and water, carried in their company vehicles. They will also wear disposable gloves and be sure to only touch items that are absolutely necessary. When leaving any property they also wash their hands to be sure no potential germs are carried to their next appointment.

Protective Masks

When performing an inspection our technicians will be wearing an N95 rated face mask. When it comes to completing remediation works at your home we will have a full face respirator on.

Keeping Our Distance

Our technicians will practice social distancing from when they greet you at the front door to when discussing the inspection outcomes.

Routine Disinfection

Our team routinely disinfect their equipment with a hospital grade disinfectant to ensure all equipment entering the home is clean and fit for purpose.

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Choosing an Inspection Date & Time

When booking your inspection date and time, along with being asked about the mould situation within the property, you will be asked a series of precautionary questions. These include

  • Have you or anyone in the property recently returned from overseas travel?
  • Have you or anyone in the property had contact with people who are known to have COVID-19?
  • Are you or anyone in the property feeling unwell or self isolating for any reason?
What Our Clients Say