Don't let mould stop works and delay your job

Fast and non-destructive mould removal

Mould in Construction

Whether the site is in the initial stages of construction or preparing for handover to the owner we can remediate any areas affected to ensure the site structure is clean and free of mould.

Our Process

Mould Cleaning Australia remediation of mould includes the following:

  • Free visual inspection where we identify any unknown underlying causes whilst in consultation with builders, site managers and project managers
  • Recommendations for each affected area being remediated or replacing materials where required and discussing methods for preventing future growth
  • Use of proven remediation processes and systems which are used worldwide. This includes our equipment and tools used, as well as staff training on our methodologies.
  • Mould sampling and analysis where requested or deemed necessary

Area's we can assist

Remediation of the following areas:
  • Structural Framework
  • Particle Board Walls & Ceilings
  • Concrete Walls and Slabs
  • Staircases
  • Windows
  • Flooring
  • Doors

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Why Choose Mould Cleaning Australia

No painting required

If mould is growing on the surface and no water damage has occurred we can treat the areas without additional painting works.

No more extra building works to solve the mould issue

Avoid Extra Costs

Avoid needless rectification costs with our effective treatment.


No need to demolish and replace. We can treat the affected areas

Keep Owners Happy

Avoid disputes with owners and have mould removed before it becomes an issue

One Day Treatment

We can treat and have insulation and plaster installed the following day.

Independant testing is available

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Mould Removal Services in Constructions and Industries