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All residential homeowners are entitled to receive a free mould inspection report, while tenants can arrange a mould inspection report by contacting their property manager or landlords and asking them to contact Mould Cleaning Australia Pty Ltd directly.

A free mould inspection report will outline the cause of the mould issue and suggest repairs and recommendations to solve the problem. The mould inspection report also provides a quote to remove the mould and provides more information about the removal process.

Our friendly staff are happy to arrange appointments that are convenient and will email you your mould inspection report within two business days of a completed inspection.

Mould Cleaning Australia Pty Ltd specialise in apartments, houses, townhouses and duplex’s with no problem too big or small for our team to handle.

Its as easy as sending a short email..

  • Call or email one of our friendly staff to book your free residential inspection
  • One of our qualified and experienced technicians will attend to discuss the issue
  • You receive your free inspection report for review
  • Works are completed within one day
  • Return home to a mould free home that afternoon

We understand a clean, mould free home is important.

– Mould Cleaning Australia –

Why Choose Mould Cleaning Australia

What's included in your residential inspection report?

  • The main cause along with secondary causes allowing mould to grow
  • Recommendations to remove the moisture and stop mould growth for good
  • Room by room analysis identifying areas contaminated by mould
  • Real data to back up our findings
  • Photos of the affected areas along with infrared photos showing moisture
  • Mould FAQ’s for you to better understand how this fungus grows
  • Scope of works to have the mould removed from your home

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Price Guarantee

Have a competitor quote? We will be it by 10%


We provide a 12 month warranty on our works

Free Inspection Report

Free quote and inspection report within 24 hours.

One Day Treatment

Almost all of our jobs can be completed within one day

Get your home mould free, fast!

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