How We Can Help

Mould requires a moisture source to grow and Mould Cleaning Australia are experts at locating moisture sources. We use a variety of tools including infrared cameras and moisture readers to locate water leaks, rising damp issues, drainage problems and many more.

Mould Cleaning Australia also offers free airborne allergen testing.

Fill in your property managers details below and one of our customer service team can give them a call to arrange a free inspection and quote for your home.

If You See Mould

  • You must report the mould growth as soon as you notice it, we recommend you do this in writing and take photographs.
  • You must do everything you can to mitigate your loss, for example remove items from a cupboard if the cupboard has mould growth or a water leak.

Mould Cleaning Australia have been working with tenants and their property managers and landlords for over 10 years. We know money is a big decision maker to whether or not a landlord can or is willing to make a repair. That’s why we offer a FREE no obligation inspection report where we isolate the cause of the mould and offer cost effective solutions to permanently rectify the issue along with a 1-year warranty.


We would be more than happy to contact your property manager on your behalf and explain our services and why it’s important that they engage a professional for the mould issue in your home.